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PTSD services offered in Victorville, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside CA and Las Vegas NV

PTSD is something that can occur after a dangerous or possible life threatening event. Fortunately, help is available at High Desert Psychological Services via an experienced team of behavioral health professionals who provide PTSD counseling at locations in Victorville, Rancho Cucamonga, and Riverside, California. It’s never too late to seek help for PTSD; call the nearest office today or request an appointment online.

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What is PTSD?

PTSD is a mental health disorder that begins after a frightening or dangerous event. In many cases, the traumatic event threatened or caused physical harm, resulting in extreme stress that triggered PTSD. But the trauma doesn’t always put you in harm's way, and you may not directly experience the event.

You can develop PTSD whether you’re personally involved in the event, witness it, or learn that someone you know lived through the trauma. 

The traumatic events that often cause PTSD include:

  • Combat duty

  • Gun violence

  • Robbery

  • Severe accident

  • Sexual or physical assault

  • Natural or man-made disaster

  • Death of a loved one 

Everyone feels fear and anxiety after experiencing trauma, but their feelings improve. If your feelings and symptoms don’t get better after a month or longer, you may have PTSD.

What symptoms occur if I have PTSD?

PTSD causes intense anxiety as well as other symptoms that are often severe enough to interfere with your daily life. You may: 

  • Have flashbacks or vivid dreams about the event

  • Feel irritable or angry

  • Be easily startled

  • Become depressed

  • Have insomnia

  • Blame yourself for the event

  • Avoid people and places that remind you of the trauma

Without treatment, these symptoms become long-lasting and keep recurring. They often make it hard to hold down a job or enjoy social activities.

How is PTSD treated?

When you first visit High Desert Psychological Services, your therapist talks with you about your symptoms and the events that triggered the problem. They also complete a psychological evaluation to accurately diagnose PTSD and identify other problems you may face due to PTSD, such as major depression or an anxiety disorder.

Your therapist always personalizes your treatment. However, treatment for PTSD typically involves therapy, medication, or both. Though there’s currently no medications to treat PTSD, your provider can prescribe medications that target specific symptoms caused by PTSD, such as depression and anger.

Several types of cognitive behavioral therapy help you overcome PTSD symptoms. The therapists at High Desert Psychological Services have extensive experience in many different therapies. They work with you to choose the approach that fits your personal needs.

Don’t wait to get treatment for PTSD. Call High Desert Psychological Services or book an appointment online today.

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